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The short animated film by Pavel Koutský shows us a relation between an user and media. The media visualize the world, visualize various situations that happen all around the globe..they make the world smaller for us. However smaller does not mean let us know about wars and conflicts. They let us know but on the other hand..make us believe in their way of interpretation. In my opinion, this video criticises a brainwashing. The brainwashing that makes us receive opinions..not only a naked information with questionmarks that we could dress, but prefabricated, already dresses one.. they do not ask questions, do not force us think.. a result we do not participate too much on a public democratic ambient..but why don´t they state questions? They are free to do that, but we must realize that newspaper world is a world of business as well. Firstly.. they must be understandable for masses, secondly..they always have an owner.. these reasons define the final outcome. I agree with this particular critics but I do not agree with the very end of the short movie. When he finds himself sorrounded by computers..that implies the world of internet..and he is horrified.. it is certain that on internet exist many equivalents that behave like an ordinary journal, but the abstract world of internet provides really loads of space for subversive journals that are not limited by number of sold issues..that´s the way to go..we can receive not an objective(because it is hard to reach the state of objectivity..) info but we can become aware of the other point of


Março 2009


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