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senses do not change

The thing changing is the world, the thing transforming is the time; and the thing being affected by and, nonetheless, not changing is the human being. The time renews and eventually transforms itself from seconds to minutes, hours, days, months, year, centuries. The world changes itself by improvement of literature, art, science, philosophy, and of course technology. Technology changes the fastest and has the strongest effect on the world and on people’s life. And media, which emerges from the innovations of technology, makes us dependent by providing convenience, access to information, connecting with other people, etc… Similarly, those features that make our lives easier are imposed upon us by the way technology appeals to our emotions and psychology.

While everything changes in the universe, the thing which doesn’t change at all is the human being. That is, the extent of being affected by the media remains the same through the centuries. An advertisement to the Edison phonograph in 1906 addresses human psychology by mentioning human feelings and emotions:

I am the Edison phonograph, created by the great wizard of the New World to delight those who would have melody or be amused. I can sing you tender songs of love. I can give you merry tales and joyous laughter. I can transport you to the realms of music. I can cause you to join in the rhythmic dance. I can lull the babe to sweet repose, or waken in the aged heart soft memories of youthful days.
No matter what may be your mood, I am always ready to entertain you… I can give you sacred or popular music, dance, orchestra or instrumental music. I can render solos, duets, trios, quartets. I can aid in entertaining your guests. When your wife is worried after the cares of the day, and the children are boisterous, I can rest the one and quiet the other. I never get tired and you will never tire of me, for I always have something new to offer.
I give pleasure to all, young and old. I will go wherever you want me… If you sing or talk to me, I will retain your songs or words, and repeat them to you at your pleasure. I can …the voices of your loved ones, … I can help you to learn other languages… My voice is the clearest, smoothest and most natural of any talking machine. The name of my famous master is on my body, and tells you that I am a genuine Edison phonograph.
The more you become acquainted with me, the better you will like me. Ask the dealer.

This phonograph advertisement makes references to human psychology; desires, likes, pleasures, family, love, voice, body, gifts, dance, entertainment… These features have an effect on us “that we need to buy this product”. And this advertisement says the same thing “this phonograph makes you and your family happy”. This advertisement was published in 1907 and people were affected by the way of selling the product.

Similarly, today  we have so many products’ advertisements addressing  to the idea of people having the need to buy them. These kinds of advertisements refer to the products and the way people may feel by having them in the same way. That is the strategy of selling. Everything can change, however the human being doesn’t. Feelings, emotions, values do not change and strategies become the same.

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