Need of permanence / existence beyond mirrors

According to the excavations and researches, can be seen that ‘photograph’ fact is so old as mankind’s history. Men have asked for the permanence of their life and themselves. That’s why they have drawn themselves and what they had been doing on the walls. These pictures or drawings on the walls are the first indications of that feeling. Also these drawn with the quality of a photograph are the products of this idea and curiousity. This time process refers to the reality of that photograph is not something which has emerged suddenly. That is, we mention the time of the beginning of the mankind.

In the light of the information of “shadow” or “reaction” desire of people it is not so hard to understand why they have struggled to discover a machine used for photography. Because photography is a kind of expression language. For example; it demonstrates the mood of face identically and what the face wants to explain. So, that frame on the photograph becomes permanent. The same frame can be also in the mirror at the same time. It is not permanent, however. And photograph can be kept in hand, examined in detail and gives the owner confidence. That is, people need to see what they are and have in their hands.

Photography has a property with its visuality that presents aesthetics. People, similarly, like its this way involuntarily. So, can be concluded that people have been needing something having positive aspects like aesthetics, visuality for centuries. This helps being improvements on photography for many years.

Pınar EMRE



Abril 2012
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