The message of the medium

Writing topic: How can we understand/ illustrate McLuhan’s statement that “the medium is the message”?

The media is an electronic/automatic extension of our senses. The way how radio produces voice and hearing, or television – voice, hearing and vision it manipulates with our mind and we start to assimilate ourselves with media, the products of it.

Thanks to a machine, a prothesis, one has repeatability on hand.

Redfield Marc, The Rethoric of Terror:  Reflections on 9/11 and the War on Terror, 2009.

As an interview McLuhan refers to baseball play, when on the big TV screens or at the private houses beside the personal TV, the game is shown the same time playing, he tries to make clear our participation in the process, our performance in the play,as it is transfered to our senses meanwhile it goes on in the stadium.

McLuhan highlights a lot of matters: advertisement impact, different programms challenging our minds, TV and radio discrepancies, in some directions the way how the media and radio is used to manipulate.

The television and radio have two different forms. Radio doesn’t have a visual sfera as television. Why do the political advertisements are always more produced in the television? McLuhan points out, that it is important to have a harisma to produce a good media (television) product.

To think about young people like the generation who grew and is growing up with the impact of media production, there will be always a question about self- consciousness. Who am I? How the media helps a young people find themselves in the outside world, the message of media. The problem that we all have a seperate mind. It gives us the posibility to think and rephrase the message of medium seperatly and unique.

The possibility to confront media is the posibility to choose to let it in our minds as something unchangable or to filtrate the message and use only the base of it. Probably the hardest – as showing cartoons to small kids and afterward trying to convince the unnatural nature of it, the same goes with the radio or TV news, where we should not forget, the news (message) is always filtrated by those who lead the media.

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