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In the latest of 1960s McLuhan, communication expert, standed out the subject about how we perceive the technology by publishing the book “The Medium is Message”. The value of technology is evaluated in one side by being formalized with how it is used with it traditional view, on the other side McLuhan expressed that the real content of the medium is itself. According to McLuhan the medium is an extent of the human being. It is shaped by the target message which is asked to be sent. For example, a story being expressed orally, being acted on the scene, being transfered from the radio and being exhibited on the television has different meanings upon the person who takes the message.
McLuhan theory is a kind of concept that supports how the communication of Global Village and communication means affect the status of humanity. This concept which was composed by McLuhan in the latest of 1960s was put forward to announce that communication means usage will spread swiftly and transform the world into a global village. McLuhan takes this process as a globalization positively. McLuhan supports the idea of that the new cooperation recreates the world with the Global Village image. With the invention of telegraph, McLuhan says, people have taken a step towards electronic age. For that matter, thanks to technology the senses of touch and hearing of people have come again into prominence with communication. Along with innovation of press, books have become something that can be carried; so everybody has begun to have book and there has improved a culture of reading individually. Traditionally, codexes being read with so many people at the same time could hold together people; on the other hand the books being carried and able to copied easily have helped to come individualism into prominence. People have parted company and the communication has weakened.
However, by the electronic age and new media there happens its total opposite. To him, oral tradition composes again with electronic media. Especially, with the internet age and the improvement of social network services, anything may come about at the same time in different places. Also improving of internet and web has provided that the culture differences of countries and people disappear.
I think that McLuhan’s Global Village is refinding its own soul with internet and web stream in such a world that everybody is wearing the same brands clothes and drinking the same brand beverages. The world has become a big village that everybody can learn everything at the same time. E-mails being forwarded, web sites links and interactive blogs have replaced with sources of traditional mass media.
In electronic age human being with the new media is evolving extensively and transforming the knowledge system tending that there is no mystery inside. Lastly, as McLuhan says , everything is changing swiftly and people should improve new ways of coping skills habit.

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