Reproduction of Museums

Writing topic: What does it mean to travel in space via optical simulations? What points of view am I being given by the devices?

As we go to the “Google Art Project”, we already take an opportunity to travel in a space, to travel using the technology of 3D. There are different views how we can use the Google Art Project – as a 3 dimensional sphere, which have a rotation in the museum rooms, or the simple artwork view without going to the “3D museum”. It not only provides  the representation of artworks as they stand in the museum, but also takes the aura of the whole museum, as it was at the moment when the devices were used to make the museum 3D in the Web.

“A zoom in” posibility connects with the mediation of the aura of object. It’s more visual, than material. We can see a brush strokes, the damages made over time, but as there isn’t the real presence of us in the museum, we can’t see the material of the artwork. The reproduction of the museum is in 3D, but the presence of 3D in the artworks still lacks. It’s a good way to analize the artwork, but as we know the time passes and the artwork changes in the conditions of time. For most of people this project gives a posibility to discover and analize, as well as just view the artworks, still we should understand, that the picture of artwork has been made in the specific moment of time, in the specific place. It doesn’t renews. It’s constant.

The difference between movie about museum and the real life experience in the Google Art Project is chance to stop at one museums’ place to look more at any time you want and than walk further. It’s more enjoyable “to walk” through the museum meanwhile feeling yourself at it.  The Google Art Project provides not only this experience, but also the information about artwork – the name, artist, a time, when it’s made – what we could see in the real museums’ information near the artwork.

The Google Art Project is a reproduction of museums and artworks in the digital way using a digital devices. It could be used as a material of studies or just for discovering the beauty of art, but the aura of place and artwork is less objective – as we know the light in the museum and to light used to make photos of artworks could change. Everything what is made through the digital devices ( in this case – camera), has lost it’s primar aura.

Agnese Rudzite


Maio 2012


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