Being involved in the internet, social network and new media much more than necessary push us to solitude. While we are thinking that we are getting socialized and being involved in the society, we, however, are not aware of that we are getting alone.
Sherry Turkle defends that we are getting alienated from the humane interactions by using excessive technology. We actually cheat ourselves by believing that the virtual world comes out our different sides.
Let’s try to clarify this:
While we are speaking with somebody through the internet, we need to write what we would like to express by using some characters (letters), therefore we need to use not only our hands but also the keyboard.
It shows that there is a mediator (keyboard) for us to be able to express ourselves. This mediator works just on writing and makes our speaking sense out of use. So, this situation limits our expression style, makes our oral interaction style forgotten and composes another “being”.
With this new being (Sherry Turkle defines it as “Second Self”), we don’t have to feel that we should behave as we are. Therefore, we live and create some changes, secrets and come out a new person we really would like to be and give some values or characteristics without hesitation.
The ones who cannot express themselves in a comfortable way may behave themselves in virtual world no matter how they would like to. One of the most important needs of a human being is “control”. By the virtual world being able to give this control sense to those people in a very easy way, it provides those kinds of people feel comfortable. As there is no physical existence in the virtual world, there comes about a chance for people to surf in the internet secretly, to have an opportunity of choosing anybody to speak with and communicate and prepare messages to be sent to anybody they want and control those messages. This leads people to be freer than usual.
Technology has been developing rapidly; and it changes us at the same time. We need to be ourselves and live as we are.

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Maio 2012
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