Spoken or written speech ?

Writing topic: What is ‘Netspeak’? Give examples of SMS language and synchronous chat.

Nowadays our conversation is complicated in the way that digital media takes a great part in it.  Texting, blogging, chatting, e-mailing, messaging, etc. is described by David Crystal as a Netspeak, which basically is written speech with a certain amount of features of spoken discourse in the social environment maintained by the internet or by using other digital devices.

There is a great difference in the things we say, and the way how we produce writing, also highlighting the context of “the conversation”, the receiver as well as the aim of the text (e.g. a speech).

In the social environment of the internet, there are different possibilities to express and extend our conversational diversities. Netspeak IS a speech we produce in our conversations in the internet as well as using mobile phones and other digital devices.

The differences  between spoken and written speech  provides the basis for our understanding of Netspeak, which combines them together. It also suggests the recombined form of “speaking/talking in Net”.

In written speech we are not present physically, which means that the person who we are addressing doesn’t see our facial expressions, and has to wait for our reply, as it isn’t send to them in the moment we write it with keyboard, only after we press the button “send”. Also we can make irreparable mistakes talking in person, but the Netspeak gives us the opportunity to be “the king” of what we write and in some way “the king” of other persons’ understanding what we meant with the written text by using “smileys”.

How can we express our feelings in the way how they are expressed through our face? How can we manage our time so the message will be written faster? For facial expressions, at first, people use keyboard signs to make a faces, which is actually nothing new and sensational, such as 🙂 😦 :p :* are only a little part of “our feelings in the Netspeak”. Other point is the way we shorten words, by using letter combinations such as LOL (Lots of laughs), which actually isn’t only abbreviating words, but also expressing the feelings of the person who is writing it. The same happens in SMS language and synchronous chat. We are using the possibility to express our feelings using the keyboard of the phone, where mostly there is already a separate function for “smileys”, but we should never forget that what is not seen by eyes could be falsification, and it doesn’t mean only “smileys”, but also written text.

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