Since we are born we are influenced by our education and family to acknowledge a political ideology, something that i complain that in our educational system is not implemented enough at schools. We are persuaded by political ads and public opinion without know in depth what is going on in our nations political system. In a way it is known for those who look for political knowledge, i remember in my first class of political science the base ideology of the left and right party its simple, the left party is conservative on its economy and liberal on traditions and the right party is conservative on traditions and liberal on economy. By these simple terms we can create a road to follow on our political ideals. But my article is not about politics in depth, its really about the “Materials Economy”.

Our phones, computers, tablets etc… We all know the brands and what they can do, we don’t really know how they are produced in a large scale and where they come from. These productions on large scales bring ecological and social political issues. Most of our hardware is produced in country’s accused of violating continually human rights and ecological protocols. Global warming is a fact productions behave as pure capitalists not worrying about the consequences. It fascinates me that still some republicans from the USA say that global warming is a myth ( ) typical religious behavior of republicans. To what cost of human right violations must we have our “stuff” this is what disturbs me, our media tend to persuade away our community to what is going on for example “Casa dos Segredos” covering up corporate interests. We are manipulated by the media making us see what they want and hiding what is really important.

Implementing a long term solution to this crisis isn’t a easy matter, it would require a global change on future generations through debate and patience. To conclude my article here is a interesting project on a resource based economy that may help solve many ecological issues. The Venus Project


Clive Castro



Fevereiro 2014
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