The importance of typographical writing has changed how the world interacts and evolves, some might find digital writing “without” an essence of credibility that’s why we keep signatures hand written. Lets analyze whats going on now I’m writing a essay for New Media and i wouldn’t be doing it now without evolution. The creation of digital writing has enabled development why can easily share our works, letters, dissertations etc… With a simple click of buttons and copy pastes fingers don’t get as much tired as a hand. Creation of fonts have been giving web designers interesting tools for esthetics and the visualization of books have saved dozens of trees i would say.

Digital writing can be edited without the need to start over we can preview our mistakes and go make steps making productions in a great scale easier. Typographical mistakes are a miss, multifunction is oblivion. Thousands and millions of documents are being manufactured right now thanks to digital typing. Schools now are introducing a more digital way of studying recommending computers for storing personal data our university data base “infoestudante” gives us the possibility to download and upload files without the need of relocation.

A matter of authentication hand signatures and handwriting are unique production on a large scale of such is impossible, anybody can login a computer write corruption and upload it simple without being traceable. One thing digital writing cant replace is the simplicity of hand writing just grab a piece of paper and a pen and write, its not a matter of debate one would not live without the other we just cant forget what both have done to the world scattering information throughout the world and keeping us well informed.



Clive Castro





Março 2014
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