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As we all know Google is becoming the most influenced software company in the world, creating various forms of simplicity like Google Maps, Android etc… Started simply by a search engine website making its capital simply by selling statistics. Now its going further creating Google Maps, and being able to see the world in “Street Mode” by making you know better the world and bringing Google closer to you.

Google Art project has created something new to many it looks just like a website of arts but we have to analyze things a bit closer now.

Upon entering the website we are displayed by many of the most prestige works of art around the world from all museums and privet collections not only do we have access to many tools. When searching for a specific painting we have the possibility to zoom in and out for specific details we get a brief description about the painting of the author year and reason. We have the possibility now to edit from specific masterpieces at our own will. What sets Google Art apart from Wikipedia or other sources ? Wikipedia is an open source website giving anybody the possibility of editing information about certain pieces of art, Google them selfs went to take digital photos of these exhibits and uploaded them with all those micro details that are unnoticeable to the naked eye.

What has Google done for us here ? Google did not just bring you images Google has brought free information to all those whom never had a chance to go to a museum to or a exhibition sure its not the same as seeing it for yourself there are other specific details like texture and size and other elements. But Google has brought us information Google has brought us knowledge and its all FREE.


Clive Castro



Abril 2014
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