League of Legends

Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation in League of Legends.

First of all we all have a clear idea of what Immediacy, hypermediacy and remediation is.

“Bolter, Jay David, and Richard Grusin. Remediation: Understanding New Media. The MIT Press, 2000.”

League of Legends is no doubt being the most played game in the world, but what does it have different from other video games?

First of all LoL was created by the gaming community using level tools provided by blizzard. Today League of Legends is more then a simple game its also a way of life its the forerunner for remediating video gaming into an E-sport (Electronic sport), already successfully remediating its video into consumer televisions via twitch tv with its own ads. Through effort of its audience and gamers feedback they have made an effort of improving its level design. This further expands the game proving to be a Immediacy project. The user/player erases himself that he is in use of a media he is no longer aware that he is confronting a medium thus bonding with the game itself. This overlapping collection of concepts makes league of legends also a hypermediacy. The player is aware of what he is doing he is aware of his actions in participating in Twitter, Streaming, Facebook, Tournaments, surveys etc. From what i have seen in the world of gaming there is indeed a “microgame” of Immediacy vs hypermediacy. You see when you enter a game you are launched in a world with infinite possibilities but you know that but the game itself makes you forget that. This makes your own sub conscience fight with rationality. We do not know for sure how to label League of Legends based on the Media but we do know one thing we like the result .


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