To Talk at a Distance

Before, before our society became this tech centric culture, the mere thought of talking to someone at a distance, as you were talking in person, was a dream. People´s relationships survived with hand-written letters and a one week travel to the nearest town.

Do you understand what happened here? Do you understand what it was like for people of that time to pick up a device and talk to someone through it? It was the first step in the direction of the smartphones we hold in our hands today. And with that step, human´s distance communication became something more easily to achieve and access. It was both a comfort and an improvement in that aspect of our society.

Think about it, instead of writing an extremely long letter depicting every unnecessary detail of our lives, we could just pick up the phone and say:

“Hello, sweetie. How´ve you been doing? We and the kids miss you.”

“Just fine, darling. But the weather is a little rainy here, how about you?”

“Oh, we´re just swell! It´s rather sunny so no risk of the little ones catching pneumonia! Also, while you there could you grab some carrots? I´m afraid our garden is becoming rather… seared.”

“Sure thing, honey pie! I´ll be right on it. Love you!”

“Love you too! Bye!”

See how easy it became? If you´ve written a letter, the wife´s request probably would not have been read in time, and the poor family would´ve starved to death (well, not really die, per se, but something to that extent).

So, to talk at a distance was a creation that not only helped many people in their day-to-day lives, but was also the first prototype of something far more complex and multitask in the future. Be grateful.

Carolina Gonçalves


Abril 2015


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